5 Ideas: Breaking through the Glass Ceiling

Women in Leadership how to break through the glass ceiling – Roffey Park Institute I really like this article (click the link above) from Roffey Park Institute about how to break through the glass ceiling. Its first point is for women to get comfortable with ambition. I like this idea and so want it forContinue reading “5 Ideas: Breaking through the Glass Ceiling”

Boundaries – the edge of effectiveness

Boundaries are about spheres of responsibility – defining where yours end and someone else’s start. Boundaries help you to manage your time, priorities, commitments, energy levels, health and emotions. Most of us never really think about boundaries – we just react, and as a result, our boundaries are loose, blurred and ineffective. If you areContinue reading “Boundaries – the edge of effectiveness”

How are you nurturing your ‘strongest’ women, and why is it so important?

If you have a board that largely looks and thinks the same, with similar experience, it will have a narrow view on a world that is changing fast, regardless of how talented its members are (Alison Kay, EY). Last year, Cranfield University’s annual Board Report showed a positive picture in terms of the number ofwomen onContinue reading “How are you nurturing your ‘strongest’ women, and why is it so important?”