Resilience in Leadership

How important is resilience and can it be learnt?

Resilience is the latest buzzword in business, whether it’s about resilience at an
organisational, team, or personal level. Everyone wants to know how to develop or
strengthen it, and then sustain it. You might be wondering why it’s talked about so much in business.

“More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s
level of resilience will determine who succeeds and fails”

Harvard Business Review Press

Resilience gives people the ability to bounce back and keep going, whether it’s managing difficult relationships at work, coping with failures, managing relentless change or excessive workloads, or coming back from a career disaster. Whilst some people are just born resilient, for the rest of us, it can feel elusive.

“If I were more resilient, I’d feel more in control and better placed to meet the
demands of my leadership role”

Client quote

The good news is, resilience can be learnt. Developing greater resilience involves looking at how you view yourself and your reality, making meaning from failures, developing greater awareness of, and learning how to manage difficult emotions, knowing how to recover, not just endure, and learning to be more resourceful. It involves developing a more intimate understanding of how you respond to difficulty, and engaging in small experiments which challenge those ingrained ways of being.

My coaching programme will help you to emerge stronger from challenges and setbacks, helping you to withstand daily pressures and stresses. Contact me for a free consultation and discussion about how being more resilient could enhance your life and bolster your performance at work.

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