Managing Imposter Syndrome

Feeling like a fraud?

“Even though I got the promotion, I feel like it was through luck rather than ability, and I constantly feel like I am about to be found out. I feel like I have to work twice as hard as everyone else to make sure that never happens.”

If this sounds like something you find yourself saying to friends and family, or even colleagues, then this coaching programme is designed for you!

Imposter Syndrome is a psychological term, describing a set of thoughts, feelings and behaviours which amount to never feeling good enough, or feeling like you are about to be exposed as not good enough. And no amount of evidence, including work successes, promotions, qualifications or training ever seems to alter your way of thinking or feeling.

Plagued by insecurity and self-doubt, you overwork, strive for perfection, and push yourself harder than you really need to. It’s exhausting.

My coaching programme will help you to uncover the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that trap you in this negative mind-set. You will learn to see yourself differently, own your successes and start to let go of insecurity. As you become more comfortable with yourself, your mood will improve, which will have a knock-on effect in other areas of your life.

Contact me today for a free consultation. We will talk about how Imposter Syndrome is affecting your life, and discuss how my coaching can help you get a hold on it.

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