Emotional Intelligence for Leaders

Evolving as a leader – how emotional intelligence enables leadership excellence in an ever-changing business environment

According to the Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends Survey 2019, the 21st century business environment demands that leaders evolve both their skill-set and their mind-set, to rise to the challenges of the unfamiliar context of the fourth industrial revolution.

Today’s leaders are required to master the ability to lead quickly through complexity and ambiguity, using influence not hierarchy, to foster innovation and excellence across international boundaries. The challenge for human capital teams is not only, how do we equip our leaders to evolve, but also, how do we help them to embrace the challenges they face. Whilst many leaders understand the challenges they face on a conceptual level, they don’t understand how to be their most effective in the current and future environment.

What is clear through Deloitte’s research, is that what sets leaders apart is changing. Delivering consistent financial results and driving operational efficiencies is no longer the foundation block of leadership excellence. Leading leadership psychologist Daniel Goleman identifies through his research, that what sets today’s star leaders apart, is the embodiment of characteristics such as resilience, social awareness, authenticity, empathy, adaptability and emotional self-awareness. In a nutshell, emotional intelligence.

Developing greater emotional intelligence involves understanding how your own experiences and contexts inform your leadership style. Knowing how your thoughts, feelings, culture, social, and personal history inform how you make decisions, cope with change, manage yourself and your relationships with others. Equipped with this deeper level of self-awareness, emotional intelligence based coaching helps leaders to identify established patterns that are inhibiting performance, and begin to respond in ways that better support what the individual leader is challenged to deliver now and in the future. Daniel Goleman found that developing strengths in emotional intelligence fosters more positive team climates, based on trust, harmony and collaboration, which in turn delivers higher performance for the organisation.

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