Coaching for Women

I offer coaching packages designed to address issues relating specifically to women at work. For historical, social and cultural reasons, women have had to work harder than men to fulfill their potential at work. Despite progress in the area of gender equality, there are still significant barriers to women in creating an authentic presence at work, managing work and home, and developing sustained confidence in themselves. I am passionate about supporting women to identify and harness their strengths and develop resilience, as well as learning to identify the external factors that are creating barriers to change, so that they can achieve more of what they want out of life and work.

Managing Imposter Syndrome

Feeling like a fraud?

Imposter Syndrome is a psychological term that relates to feeling like you are not good enough to be doing the job you are doing, and constantly feeling as though you are going to be ‘found out’. It’s an immensely draining and chronic state of mind.

My coaching will help you to explore and manage the anxiety you feel relating to work, become more comfortable with who you are and stop feeling the pressure to be perfect.

Women and Burn-out

It’s not you!

Burn-out is a medical term that describes the experience of chronic exhaustion relating to work. Often, clients look inwards to find solutions, assuming that if only they could develop new, more effective tools and strategies, they could sustain the level of performance they themselves and others expect. Women are more vulnerable to burn-out, because of the additional domestic, emotional and caring responsibilities they are expected to carry, and which often go unacknowledged by those around them. This creates the illusion that the problem lies with them, and everything is achievable with the right strategies.

Actually, burn-out is created and sustained by the environments we live and work within, including attitudes to gender roles and situations of chronic lack of support and under-resourcing.

My coaching will help you to identify the environmental factors causing your burn-out and help you to manage the impact. What’s more, we will explore positive decisions and actions to help you find a more sustainable way forward.

Managing Life Transitions

Coaching through major change

Whilst it’s usually left unacknowledged in our society, there are some significant life transitions that women must navigate, and which can significantly impact their sense of self, confidence and performance at work. Whether it’s taking a career break, returning to work, starting a family – or not not being able to/choosing not to, transitioning through the menopause, or embarking on retirement, these major changes often leave women feeling any combination of: isolated, redundant, deskilled, lacking in confidence, grieving, scared, anxious and unable to maintain their usual level of performance and zest for life.

My therapeutic coaching will help you to reconnect with your strengths, reduce your anxiety and find a sustainable level of confidence as you navigate the changes and events in your life.

Our work is usually phased and tailored, to provide you with the support you need as you negotiate your transition or life event over a period of time.

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