How are you nurturing your ‘strongest’ women, and why is it so important?

If you have a board that largely looks and thinks the same, with similar experience, it will have a narrow view on a world that is changing fast, regardless of how talented its members are (Alison Kay, EY). Last year, Cranfield University’s annual Board Report showed a positive picture in terms of the number ofwomen onContinue reading “How are you nurturing your ‘strongest’ women, and why is it so important?”

Women and the Productivity Trap

Women are capable of more than ever before. They can have it all (apparently). A fulfilling career and a full family and social life. So why do we feel like such failures? ‘Mindfully’ juggling perfect kids’ parties with time critical work deliverables, whilst racing to and from after school activities, running the PTA and bakingContinue reading “Women and the Productivity Trap”