We’re making great strides in conversations about mental health. But culturally, is it ok yet to feel really sad, lonely or angry and just say it?

For #mentalhealthawarenessweek2021 I have been talking about how I manage my mental and emotional resilience, and I shared how keeping an eye on my emotional health is as important as my physical health, to avoid problems developing. It got me thinking about the difference between mental and emotional health. I feel we’ve become better atContinue reading “We’re making great strides in conversations about mental health. But culturally, is it ok yet to feel really sad, lonely or angry and just say it?”

Why is Zoom Fatigue Worse for Women?

Some recent research by Stanford University in the States is showing that zoom fatigue is worse for women than for men. I’d be interested to know more about what might be contributing to this. Personally, I know that I am working a lot harder emotionally on zoom, in terms of trying to make sure IContinue reading “Why is Zoom Fatigue Worse for Women?”

Lasting change comes from the inside out, not the outside in

If you want to create lasting changes in the way you think, feel and behave, that needs to come from the inside, not the outside. What do I mean by that? Much of your personal and professional development will have probably come from skills development. And much of that learning will have been via aContinue reading “Lasting change comes from the inside out, not the outside in”

5 Ideas: Breaking through the Glass Ceiling

Women in Leadership how to break through the glass ceiling – Roffey Park Institute I really like this article (click the link above) from Roffey Park Institute about how to break through the glass ceiling. Its first point is for women to get comfortable with ambition. I like this idea and so want it forContinue reading “5 Ideas: Breaking through the Glass Ceiling”

Resilience in Leadership

Resilience is the latest buzzword in business, whether it’s about resilience at an organisational, team, or personal level. Everyone wants to know how to develop or strengthen it, and then sustain it. You might be wondering why it matters so much in business. “More than education, more than experience, more than training, a person’s levelContinue reading “Resilience in Leadership”

Insights from a Performance Manager

Insights from a Performance Manager If you are going through a performance management process at work, this guide is for you. Packed full of tips and insider knowledge, I share my knowledge and experience as a performance manager with you. #performanceimprovement #mentalhealthmatters #employeedevelopment #performancereview #personaldevelopment #confidence #performance #coaching #helpfultips #stressmanagement #guide #success #HR

Stop telling women to ‘be more confident’!

Every time I look at social media, I see another article, telling women to ‘know their worth’ and to ‘get confident’. It typically involves women ‘changing their narrative’, ‘faking it ‘til they make it’, or ‘being more confident to appear more competent’. Strategies galore to help you feel like Wonder Woman. Whilst I can appreciateContinue reading “Stop telling women to ‘be more confident’!”

Boundaries – the edge of effectiveness

Boundaries are about spheres of responsibility – defining where yours end and someone else’s start. Boundaries help you to manage your time, priorities, commitments, energy levels, health and emotions. Most of us never really think about boundaries – we just react, and as a result, our boundaries are loose, blurred and ineffective. If you areContinue reading “Boundaries – the edge of effectiveness”