About Me

I am an emotional intelligence coach. The key to success at work and in life is not ‘skills’ or IQ, but how we manage ourselves and our relationships. By teaching people to tune into their emotions with intelligence and self-awareness, I help people to grow and develop personally and professionally, and in ways that can be sustained throughout their lives.

For over a decade I worked in people management and development roles for global professional services firms.

Since then, I have coached Partners, Directors and Senior Managers who work for leading financial and professional services organisations, helping them to find ways to enhance their performance, confidence, and success at work. I understand what it takes to be successful in business.

However, for me, it’s not just about working with the people at the top. I am also passionate about coaching everyday women through significant life stages, helping them to find success, balance and happiness at work and home. And for the past 12 years I have also invested heavily in skills sharing – offering my skills and experience to charities, public sector and community-based organisations including

It doesn’t matter whether you are a senior leader managing multiple strategic priorities, a parent trying to balance work and home, or a team player wanting to find opportunities for growth. The key to your success is tapping into your unique emotional landscape with awareness and openness, so that you can find ways to enhance your performance from a position of knowledge and understanding.

How I Work

For me, coaching is all about collaboration. You may already be familiar with the pushes and pulls of your emotions, but not yet have sufficient awareness of how they help or hinder you, and how to manage yourself towards resilience and growth. That is where I can support and help you.

My goal as your coach is to facilitate your self-discovery and meet your desire for change with challenge and support. Together, we will elevate your emotional self-awareness, allowing you to become happier, more confident, and successful – both in and out of work.

What Clients Say

“Fiona is incredibly professional, intelligent and knowledgeable. She has been extremely supportive throughout the entire process which has led me to making a clear decision on my next career move. Working with Fiona has helped me to navigate my way to an exciting new opportunity, doing something that I feel inspired and passionate about.”


I felt empowered yet calm, and motivated about taking on my challenges at work with a clear roadmap of next steps that you helped me derive. This impacted positively on my home life as well. I feel a healthy sense of trust in my abilities and confidence in my instincts again that has helped me think clearer about work and life decisions in general.


Fiona was wonderful to work with. She took time to listen and understand my particular concerns and develop discussions and exercises tailored to me. Fiona was empathetic and flexible in her approach and I can honestly say I gained a lot from our time working together!


Let’s work together.

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