Helping you create lasting change

If you want to create lasting changes in the way you think, feel and behave, that needs to come from the inside, not the outside. Much of your personal and professional development to date will have probably come from skills development, and much of that learning will have been via a professional or expert teaching you what to do. That is change from the ‘outside in’. And so when you feel out of your depth, your first thought is probably “what should I do?”

When you keep trying to do something differently using the skills and techniques you have learnt, or by continuously adding new skills to your kitbag, but feel that you are never quite achieving the results you want, then skills are not the answer.

Learning and changing from the ‘inside out’ is a very different kind of learning and self development and this is where my executive coaching can help you. It involves looking more closely at what specifically is hindering YOU. It is a very personal type of learning and there is no one size fits all. You cannot be given the answers or shown the right way to do it. Instead, it involves exploring your way of being in the world, finding out what it is about your way of feeling, thinking and behaving that can cause you difficulty at work.

Through skillfull and intuitive executive coaching, I will help you explore and understand your issues from your unique vantage point, so that you can find solutions that work for you. Because I am both a coach and a psychotherapist, I have in-depth knowledge of how people change and grow. Work with me, because change is possible!

Bespoke Coaching

When you opt for bespoke coaching, we agree a timeframe for the coaching that suits you, and work with any and all issues you are looking for support with. Please email me to schedule a chat about the kind of support you feel you need.

Coaching Packages

I offer coaching packages for specific issues such as Resilience in Leadership, Preparing for Promotion, and Emotional Intelligence for Leaders. We would typically work together for 10 sessions.

Coaching for Women

I am passionate about supporting women to be better placed to tap into their potential and perform from a position of strength at work. I offer coaching designed specifically for women, such as Managing Imposter Syndrome, Women and Burn-out, and Managing Life Transitions, to address areas where women typically have to work harder than men to reach their potential.

Working with Fiona has been an invaluable experience. I was initially unsure about seeking coaching and did not really know what to expect. However, something shifted within me when I started working with Fiona. She has helped me to acknowledge, embrace and harness my strengths; confirm my values and offer clear perspective. This has helped me to build confidence and to believe more in myself and my capabilities.  


Fiona was wonderful to work with. She took time to listen and understand my particular concerns and develop discussions and exercises tailored to me. Fiona was empathetic and flexible in her approach and I can honestly say I gained a lot from our time working together!


About Me

I am a qualified Executive Coach and I trained with the Academy of Executive Coaching in London.

Get in Touch

If you feel confident that coaching is right for you, reach out so we can work together!

Even if you’re unsure, please don’t be nervous about contacting me just to talk about your issue and see whether coaching is right for you.

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